Our workmanship

The articles and types of leather produced are numerous, real leather is available in all types of finishes and applications, precisely to best satisfy the requests of our customers nationally and internationally.
Drum-dyed articles, full-grain or buffed leather butts, butcher's butts. Tanned leather for soles, leather bands for heels, white leather and splits. Pomicated, abraded, coconut silver laminate, natural, red pumiced and much more... Colors upon request.

Leather factory associated with Vero Cuoio

AUTHENTIC TRADITION OF MADE IN ITALY Tuscan leather guarantees those high standards, well-being, naturalness and tradition that only authentic Made in Italy can certify thanks to the artisan manual skills and the slow process of vegetable tanning, whose secrets have been handed down for over a century, from generation to generation.

Via dei Conciatori, 31 – 56028 Ponte a Egola (PI)
Tel. +39.0571.498357  – Email: otello@otello.it