History of three generations

The Cuoificio OTELLO began production of vegetable tanned leather of the highest quality in 1961.
The very careful selection of the raw material coming only from European slaughterhouses, and the long process of 50 days, passed down through generations of tanners makes the leather flexible, durable, suitable for the footwear industry with high quality.

Our production is divided equally between the domestic market, a market difficult and demanding whose creations have taught all over the world, and foreign market where the commercial reliability and product quality are essential features.
Thanks to the trust received from its customers the Cuoificio Otello has been able to grow steadily over time and launch ambitious expansion programs aimed at the corporate research and the continuous improvement of the quality of its product.

Via dei Conciatori, 31 – 56028 Ponte a Egola (PI)
Tel. +39.0571.498357  – Email: otello@otello.it